Harriet Tubman Monuments


  • Renée Ater

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<em>Unwavering Courage in the Pursuit of Freedom</em> (Wilimington, DE)
A multi-figure sculpture of Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett leading two fugitive enslaved persons, a semi-nude man, and completely clothed woman, to freedom along the Underground Railroad in Wilmington, Delaware. Tubman carries a baby in her arms…

<em>Step on Board: Harriet Tubman Memorial</em> (Boston, MA)
A high relief sculpture with Harriet Tubman and six figures: three women, two men, and a baby. All figures are clothed in nineteenth-century dress. Wearing a dress, shawl, and head wrap, Tubman strides forward, gesturing with her left hand and…

<i>Harriet Tubman</i> (first cast--Mesa, AZ)
Harriet Tubman is shown with a walking stick in her right hand and grasping the hand of a young boy with her left hand.
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